Pressure Grows On Jim Jordon To Testify After 6 Wrestlers Say He Knew About Ohio State Sex Abuse

After six former Ohio State wrestlers came forward to say that Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) knew about sex abuse in the program, pressure is growing on Jordan to testify.
CNN reported:

Vazquez is one of six former OSU wrestlers who told CNN in recent interviews that they were present when Jordan heard or responded to sexual misconduct complaints about team doctor Richard Strauss. Eight others say Strauss’ inappropriate behavior was an open secret in the athletic department and that Jordan, among others, must have known about it.


Multiple former OSU athletes told CNN they found Jordan’s denials puzzling, because they say they distinctly remember him responding to complaints about Strauss.

Jeffrey Sites one of the three candidates who running for the Democratic nomination to face Jordan in the fall said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “Enough of Jim Jordan dismissing these incredibly serious charges, calling victims and whistleblowers liars and hoping it all eventually goes away. I don’t accept that, and Ohioans don’t accept that. He owes us answers. He owes us answers about whether he turned a blind eye to crimes against young men he was responsible for. He owes us answers about whether the only action he took on the abuse was trying to discredit a whistleblower. We deserve the truth, at long last. It’s time for Jim Jordan to have the guts to do what Adam DiSabato did and testify, publicly and under oath, before the Ohio state legislature.”

Witnesses say that Jordan called them up crying as he asked them to lie about his knowledge of the sexual abuse that was going on at Ohio State.

Jordan has attached himself at the hip to Donald Trump, but the pressure is growing on him to stop the lies and excuses, and tell the truth about what was going in the wrestling program while he was a coach.

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