Trump Just Compared The Coronavirus Test To His Ukraine Extortion


Trump held a pep rally for himself at the CDC, where at one point the president compared the test to the coronavirus to his extortion of Ukraine.

Trump said, “As of right now, and yesterday, anybody who needs a test, and that’s the important thing, and the tests are all perfect, like the letter. The transcription was perfect. Right? Not as perfect as that, but pretty good.”



Donald Trump was referring to the phone call where he tried to extort Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden by withholding military aid. The transcript of his Ukraine call that the White House released was not really a transcript. It was a rough summary to use their original terminology.

If you had no idea what the president was talking about, you aren’t alone. Trump’s inability to lead has done nothing but add to the fear, chaos, and confusion that is growing by the day. There still aren’t enough coronavirus tests to meet the demand as Americans arrive at hospitals with symptoms.

The business community has dumped Trump over his total failure to lead in the middle of a public health crisis, as his comments showed that he thinks the coronavirus is a political problem just like his attempt to extort Ukraine.

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