Trump Cancels CDC Trip Because He’s Scared Of Getting Coronavirus

UPDATE: After bad news coverage, Trump changed his mind and is now going to the CDC.

Trump has been telling Americans that the coronavirus was nothing for weeks, but he canceled his trip to the CDC out of fear of catching the virus.

Trump told reporters when asked why he canceled his trip to the CDC, “They thought there was a problem at CDC, somebody that had the virus. It turned out negative, so we’ll see what we can do. Yesterday afternoon we were informed there may have been a person with the virus. And they now find out that that was a negative test. They tested the person fully, and it was a negative test. So I may be going. We’re going to see if they can turn it around. We may be going.”


On Wednesday night, Trump claimed that the fatality statistics from coronavirus were false and made up his own fake number. By Friday, Trump is canceling his trip to the CDC in Atlanta because he is afraid that he might catch the virus.

Trump is facing withering criticism for his canceled trip. In a time of crisis, a president is supposed to reassure the nation, not add to the panic.

Donald Trump’s canceled trip is a big reminder to voters that the only thing that this president cares about is himself.

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