Resident Dies In Matt Gaetz’s District After He Mocked Coronavirus

A resident of Rep. Matt Gaetz’s district died of coronavirus shortly after Gaetz mocked the virus response on the House floor.

Rep. Gaetz tweeted late on Friday night:

Gaetz mocked the virus on the House floor:

Gaetz is the same guy who thought that the term kangaroo court came from Captain Kangaroo, and who was tossed out of an impeachment hearing that he tried to crash by Rep. Adam Schiff.

Gaetz has been a constant source of humiliation for his constituents since the moment he took office. He moves in lockstep with Donald Trump. His mocking of the coronavirus was in line with the White House’s effort to minimize the outbreak.

A constituent has now died, and Matt Gaetz has yet to show any sign that he is taking the pandemic seriously.

Matt Gaetz has got to go.

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