A Former Sanders Employee Is Calling Voters And Lying About Biden Having Dementia


A former employee of Bernie Sanders was using the Biden campaign’s virtual phone banking tool to call voters and spreading the lie that Biden has Dementia.

The Biden campaign posted about the former employee:


The guy was live-streaming his calls to voters:

Joe Biden does not have Dementia. What Sanders and Trump supporters are calling Dementia, is, in reality, a stutter. Joe Biden has a stutter that he has worked his entire life to overcome.

It is very Trump-like of Bernie Sanders supporters to falsely claim that Joe Biden has Dementia when their candidate has refused to release his full medical records after he had a very real heart attack.

Out of Trump, Sanders, and Biden, Joe Biden is the only candidate who has released his medical records.

The actions of some Sanders supporters are why his campaign has been isolated from the Democratic Party and is withering on the vine.

Sanders’s supporters are acting like the Trump campaign and Trump supporters. These activities have no place in a Democratic primary and should have been immediately condemned by Bernie Sanders.

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