Trump Is Withholding Coronavirus Testing Kits From Governors

Two governors requested coronavirus testing kits for their states, and the CDC wouldn’t commit to providing them.

Andy Slavitt tweeted:

Trump is trying to hold the number of coronavirus cases down by not providing an adequate number of test kits so that people can be tested. If people can’t be tested, they also can’t be added to the number of confirmed cases in the United States.

The administration is trying to cover up their bungled coronavirus response by underreporting the number of people who test positive for the virus.

There is no reason for the CDC not to immediately give testing kits to any state that requests them. South Korea has demonstrated that widespread testing is the best way to contain and control the outbreak. If the United States doesn’t provide an adequate number of testing kits, it could be facing a public health catastrophe.

The CDC has been politicized and is doing Trump’s bidding.

At a time when America needs a rapid response, governors can’t get coronavirus test kits.

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