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Biden Has Double-Digit Lead Over Trump, Public Prefers A Democratic-Run Congress, Poll Finds

Although the nomination contests to determine who Democrats will choose to be their presidential nominee have not yet completed, both candidates, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden, appear to be the favorites in head-to-head polling against incumbent President Donald Trump. Data from a new CNN/SSRS poll showcases that, among a national…


As Coronavirus Death Toll Rises, Stephanie Grisham Claims Media, Dems Are Just Trying To ‘Scare People’

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, appearing on Fox News’ Fox & Friends program on Monday morning, suggested that media reports about the spread of coronavirus and criticism from Democrats over the administration’s response so far to the disease are nothing more than scare tactics meant to help them politically. “I just want to stress to…


Trump Slammed For Another “Pocahontas” Attack Against Warren as Coronavirus Outbreak Takes Toll

President Donald Trump claimed Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) “singlehandedly destroyed” the campaign of fellow Senator Bernie Sanders (ID-Vt.), accusing her of “stripping voters away” from him on Super Tuesday. Sanders “lost states that he easily would have won if she had dropped out 3 days earlier,” Trump said before suggesting that the Democratic National Committee…

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