Ted Cruz Was Exposed To The Coronavirus At CPAC

Sen. Ted Cruz is the first member of Congress to confirm that he was exposed to the coronavirus at CPAC.

Cruz issued a statement:

Sen. Cruz says that he is feeling fine, but the bulk of his statement is dedicated to downplaying the coronavirus. Cruz claimed that he only interacted with the infected person for a minute, but the coronavirus is not like a Hot Pocket in the microwave. It is extremely contagious. There is no amount of “safe time” for interacting with someone who has the virus.

Donald Trump may have also been exposed to the virus at CPAC, which suggests that the coronavirus could be targeting Republican pathological liars.

In all seriousness, it doesn’t help Trump’s efforts to downplay the outbreak when members of his own party are being exposed. For the record, Trump has no plans to cancel his campaign rallies, so the odds are good that the coronavirus will spread among the conservative `coronavirus deniers for weeks and months to come.

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