Andrew Yang Just Endorsed Joe Biden For President


Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang endorsed Joe Biden for president after the former VP put up another string of primary wins.

Yang said on CNN, “Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee, and I’ve always said that I’m going to support whoever the nominee is, so I hereby am endorsing Joe Biden, to be not just the nominee for the Democratic Party, but the next President Of The United States. I say this having supported Bernie Sanders in 2016. Bernie was an inspiration for me. He inspired me to run, but the math says Joe is our prohibitive nominee. We need to bring the party together. We need to start working on defeating Donald Trump.”



The Yang Gang is now Ridin’ With Biden.

Yang’s comments are proof that the Democratic Party is unified in the common cause of wanting to beat Donald Trump more than they have wanted anything since Barack Obama ran for his first term in 2008.

It looks like the Democratic primary is over, and all the focus moving toward making Trump a one-term president.

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