Trump’s Bungled Response Means Coronavirus Is Spreading Faster Than Testing

State officials fear that Trump’s delayed and bungled response to the coronavirus has resulted in the virus spreading faster than the ability to test.

The New York Times reported:


But it remains unclear how many Americans have been tested for the coronavirus. The C.D.C. says approximately 8,500 specimens or nose swabs have been taken since the beginning of the outbreak — a figure that is almost certainly larger than the number of people tested since one person can have multiple swabs. By comparison, South Korea, which discovered its first case around the same time as the United States, has reported having the capacity to test roughly 10,000 people a day since late February.



The availability of testing for coronavirus remains uneven, with some people able to easily obtain tests in certain parts of the country while others have been turned away. Some state officials fear that the virus is spreading far faster than the capacity for testing is increasing.

The coronavirus response has been totally bungled by the Trump administration. Previous presidents have had to deal with outbreaks and none in the modern era have performed as poorly and jeopardized public health like Donald Trump.


The United States had been monitoring the coronavirus situation since January 2020. There is no reason for the response to be as poor as it has been. Testing kits should have been ready to go.

Trump’s excuse that the virus popped up out of nowhere is a lie.

America is on the verge of a pandemic because Donald Trump was too incompetent to handle a virus that everyone knew was coming.

As cases spread and more people die, the blame for this unnecessary disaster will be all on Trump.

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