Without Evidence, Fox Business Host Trish Regan Accuses Dems of Politicizing Coronavirus Outbreak

Speaking on her program, Fox Business host Trish Regan claimed without evidence that the coronavirus outbreak, which has claimed at least 26 lives in the United States, is being politicized by Congressional Democrats who’ve unleashed a “chorus of hate” toward President Donald Trump and, she said, are looking for another reason to impeach him.

“We’ve reached a tipping point. The hate is boiling. Many in the liberal media are using coronavirus in an attempt to demonize and destroy the president, despite the virus originating halfway around the world,” Regan said. “This is yet another attempt to impeach, and sadly, it seems the left cares little for any of the destruction they leave in their wake, including losses in the market. This, unfortunately, is all just part of political casualties for them.”

Regan further suggested that Democrats “don’t care who they hurt, whether it be their need to create mass hysteria to encourage a massive sell-off in an overly anxious stock market or, to create mass hysteria in order to stop our economy dead in its tracks.”

You can watch her remarks below.

Regan was immediately criticized for her comments.

Regan’s comments come as President Trump faces heated criticism from both sides of the political aisle for downplaying the threat of the coronavirus. The president, a notorious germaphobe, has not been tested for the virus despite an Air Force One trip with Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), who is currently in self-quarantine after being exposed.

“The President has not received COVID-19 testing because he has neither had prolonged close contact with any known confirmed COVID-19 patients, nor does he have any symptoms,” Stephanie Grisham, the White House press secretary, said. “President Trump remains in excellent health, and his physician will continue to closely monitor him.”