Bernie Sanders

James Carville Tells Bernie Sanders To Respect Democratic Voters And His Campaign

James Carville said that Democratic voters across the country have spoken loudly and unambiguously for Biden, so it is time for Sanders to end his campaign.

Carville said on MSNBC:

It’s the Democratic voters that made this decision. Vice President Biden is not trying to force him out. You’ve got to respect voters. Respect the people in South Carolina and Virginia and Michigan and all the places they’re working. Yes, they have to have respect for democracy and this is very clear what Democrats around the country are saying. Just everywhere that you go we’ve got to get rid of this what are we doing? And these are not ordinary times, and we’ve got to — of course, the vice president, he’s the guy in the lead.

He’s got to take the lead here. We’ve got to bring this party together. We’ve got to stop this. This is not any avail to continue this thing any longer. It really isn’t. And we can have respect and we can have admiration for what’s Senator Sanders has established but you’ve got to respect the Democratic voters.


The Democratic voters have spoken. They’ve spoken unambiguously and clearly and they need to be listened to.


Bernie Sanders is not going to be the nominee. Democratic voters are making it clear that they want this primary over with, and they have chosen Joe Biden. This isn’t a divided party. It is a party that is ready to move on.

Whether the Sanders campaign chooses to stay in the race for the rest of this month, or whether they get out tomorrow, the reality is that Michigan was Bernie Sanders’s last stand.

Sanders has no path to the nomination, and it is time to put an end to this primary.

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