Joe-Mentum Continues: Biden Wins Big In Mississippi And Missouri

Joe Biden added two more states to his win column on Tuesday night: Missouri and Mississippi.

According to the New York Times, the former vice president is projected to carry both states when all the votes are counted.

The fact that the two races were called immediately upon the polls closings in those states means the margin isn’t even close. It’s also a continuation of a trend we saw last week when Biden beat Bernie Sanders by monster margins in places like Virginia, North Carolina and Alabama.

Biden overtook Sanders in the all-important delegate race following Super Tuesday and has carried that lead into today, where it’s likely to continue to expand as he wins more contests.

While the Sanders campaign will point to the raw delegate number as evidence that the race is still close between the two candidates, even small leads are hard to overcome. For Sanders, it’s only going to get harder as Biden continues to win.

When all the delegates are allocated from tonight’s contests, it may be time for Bernie Sanders to reassess his candidacy and determine whether it’s in the best interest of the Democratic Party and the country to extend this bruising primary campaign any further, particularly since he knows it won’t likely change the outcome in his favor.

Biden is winning everywhere, not just the south

As Super Tuesday showed, Joe Biden isn’t a regional candidate winning only southern states because of strong support from the African American community. His victory in South Carolina was resounding, but his Super Tuesday wins showed that it was no fluke.

The former vice president is winning diverse states all across the country, from Minnesota in the midwest, to Massachusetts and Maine in the northeast, to Texas in the deep south.

Biden’s big victories in Missouri and Mississippi only bolster his campaign’s argument that he can be competitive and turn out voters anywhere on the map.

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