Larry Kudlow looks sick at coronavirus briefing

Trump Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow’s Coronavirus Briefing Appearance Backfires

Trump sent his top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, out to talk about the economic response, but all anyone could talk about was that Kudlow looked ill.

Video of Kudlow:

Kudlow could have been tired. He could have a cold or the flu, but it certainly looked like he was trying not to cough, which is a big problem at a briefing on the coronavirus.

Kudlow’s ill appearance was noticed:

The last thing that any administration should want is a government official addressing the coronavirus outbreak while looking sick.

It’s laughable now, but it was only a few years ago that the corporate media was pushing the myth that Trump is a master of political messaging and optics.

The message sent in the coronavirus briefing is that half of the people on the platform looked ill, and somebody should get Larry Kudlow tested for coronavirus before he falls over.

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