Nicolle Wallace Says That The Obama Coalition Has Come Home To Joe Biden


MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace said that Joe Biden is crushing Bernie Sanders because the Obama coalition has rallied around Obama’s former vice president.

Wallace said on MSNBC, “I got a note from a Biden campaign official. They were looking to see where the Warren bump went. They feel like in Missouri they’re consolidating some of the college-educated women, and it is my sense as a former Republican, that some sort of Bat Signal went out to all of the elements of the Obama coalition, and what appears to be happening since South Carolina, it started with African-American voters, the story of super Tuesday was a suburban vote. If it’s true that they are seeing in the Missouri exits that college-educated women are flocking to Biden in large enough numbers, that has the makings of the Obama coalition of 2008.”



The Obama coalition has clearly come home. Joe Biden has already won Missouri and Mississippi, and Michigan. Biden is in a good position for a sweep on Tuesday night. The Obama coalition of African-American voters, suburban voters, and women voters is the dominant force in the Democratic Party.

When these groups unified around Joe Biden, it was over for Bernie Sanders. If Sen. Sanders does get swept off of the board on Tuesday, the question will be how long will his campaign go on? There is a possibility that by Wednesday morning, Bernie Sanders will have lost 16 of the last 20 primaries.

The Obama coalition is energized, and showing that Trump is going to have a huge problem in November.

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