Trump Wants A Useless Payroll Tax Cut To 0% To Fight Coronavirus

Republican Senators have already spoken out against the idea, but Trump is pushing cutting payroll taxes to 0% to fight coronavirus.

CNBC reported:


President Donald Trump, in a meeting with Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill Tuesday, pitched a 0% payroll tax rate that would last through the rest of this year, a White House official told CNBC.



Republican senators have reportedly been skeptical of a payroll tax cut, which has been pushed by Peter Navarro, one of Trump’s leading advisors on trade policy.

GOP Senators are more than skeptical, they are already opposing the idea:


The White House is putting out proposals that will go nowhere to create false hope in the stock market. It is telling that Trump has said nothing about expanding paid sick leave, or incentivizing telecommuting arrangements for employers.

Trump wants to bail out the oil and gas industry, and cut payroll taxes, which would do nothing to prevent the spread of coronavirus or help people who get sick.

The payroll tax cut isn’t a real solution. It is another ploy by Trump to boost his sagging reelection campaign.

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