Pelosi Exposes Trump’s Fraud With Real Coronavirus Aid Bill

Speaker Pelosi exposed Trump’s corporate welfare disguised as a coronavirus bill with a real aid package to help the American people.

Leigh Ann Caldwell of NBC News reported:

What Democrats are trying to do is get out in front of this issue and ensuring that their priorities are included in any sort of relief or aid bill. It’s to ensure that people who aren’t receiving any income because of coronavirus get relief and because who are food insecure also get some relief. What’s that translating to in a draft bill in the House of Representatives including sick leave for people who either have to be quarantined because of coronavirus or who actually have the virus. Other things, an extension of unemployment insurance and an extension of food stamps and aid for kids who get free and reduced lunches at school, but can’t go to school because their schools are closed.

But what’s not included in this is the president’s biggest priority and that’s a payroll tax cut. That has fallen flat on capitol hill among Democrats and even some Republicans are saying if people are not working, then payroll tax cut does no good. So what also is not included in the House bill at this point is anything else that the president is wanting but we do know that Speaker Pelosi and Secretary Mnuchin spoke moments ago and Pelosi wants a vote on this bill tomorrow before they leave town for a week.


Trump is refusing to talk to Pelosi because he is still mad that she ripped up his State Of The Union speech, so the Speaker and House Democrats have put together an aid package.

Trump’s wish list of a bailout for the oil industry and a payroll tax cut have more to do with boosting the sagging economy to help Trump’s reelection than assisting people who are suffering from or economically injured by the coronavirus epidemic. A payroll tax cut is useless for people who aren’t working during an epidemic.

The President tried to use the payroll tax to hand out corporate welfare, but his fraud was exposed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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