Biden Blows Trump Away With Presidential Leadership On Coronavirus

Former Vice President Biden was everything that Trump hasn’t been during the coronavirus crisis. Biden reassured while offering a real plan.

As Trump bumbles, fails, and rants about rally crowd sizes, Biden leads:

Former vice president Biden offered a plan for right now designed for people who are living paycheck to paycheck:

Biden said:

This crisis will hit everyone. But it will hit folks who live paycheck to paycheck the hardest. Including working people and seniors. Another tax cut to Google or Goldman or millionaires won’t get the job done. Don’t have another tax cut for these folks will not get the job done. Indiscriminate tax cuts won’t target those who really need the help now. We need to place our focus on those who are struggling just to get by.

People are already losing jobs. We need to replace their wages. That includes workers in the gig economy. Who lack unemployment insurance. Parents who are already struggling with job care costs. We need to give them relief. Children who rely on school lunches. We need to provide food for them. Schools will need to help ensuring children who don’t have easy access to computers can still learn if their school is shut down. People who have difficulty paying their rent or mortgage because they’ve been laid off or had their hours cut back. Need to help them stay in their apartments and homes.

Small businesses will be devastated as customers stay home and events are canceled. And we need to make sure that they have access to interest-free loans. Not loans with interest. Interest-free loans. It’s a national disgrace that millions of our fellow citizens don’t have a single day of paid sick leave available to them. We need both a permanent plan for paid sick leave and an emergency plan for everyone who needs it due to the outbreak beyond these national measures, my plan also calls for the creation of a state, local emergency fund to make sure governors, mayors and local leaders who are battling the coronavirus on the ground as I speak have the resources necessary to meet this crisis head-on, now.

Joe Biden showed more competence, leadership, and vision in a few minutes than Trump has demonstrated during his entire presidency.

Biden cares about the people that Trump doesn’t see. After years of being ignored, Biden wants to make the government again work for the people. The nation is in crisis, and Joe Biden provided the leadership that Trump doesn’t have the first clue how to deliver.

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