Pelosi Does What Trump Won’t With Promise To Pass Coronavirus Aid Bill

Speaker Pelosi announced that the House will be passing a coronavirus aid bill that provides free testing to every American with or without Trump.

Pelosi made it clear that Democrats are taking action to help the American people, even if Trump doesn’t support the bill.

Video of Speaker Pelosi:

Pelosi said:

Today, we are passing a bill that does just that. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act. Which is focused directly on providing support for America’s families who must be our first priority. The three most important parts of this bill are testing, testing, testing. This legislation facilitates free coronavirus testing for everyone who needs a test, including the uninsured.

We can only defeat this outbreak if we have an accurate determination of its scale and scope so that we can pursue the precise science-based response that is necessary. To put families first, our legislation secures paid leave with two weeks of paid sick leave and family and medical leave for those affected by the virus. And for those who lose their jobs, we are strengthening unemployment insurance, a critical step to protect workers’ economic security. Putting families first, our legislation protects our children. And particularly the tens of millions of little children who rely on the free or reduced lunch they receive at school. As schools are being closed these children will be deprived of meals.

Our bill takes action to strengthen food security including meals, S.N.A.P. And food banks. As we develop the next steps, we will continue to listen to and benefit from the expertise of scientists, health care professionals, public health officials and community leaders so we can craft the most effective evidence-based response. Our nation, our great nation, has faced crises before. And every time, thanks to the courage and optimism, patriotism and perseverance of the American people, we have prevailed. Now working together we will once again prevail, and we will come out stronger than before.

By passing the legislation, Speaker Pelosi is going to force Senate Republicans to vote against free coronavirus testing and emergency financial aid for people who are being impacted by the virus.

If the Senate passes the House bill, Trump is going to be forced to face the prospect of vetoing free coronavirus testing.

Trump should stop trying to ransom corporate welfare and meaningless tax cuts out of Democrats, and support the bill that will immediately help people.

Should Trump and his party refuse, their coronavirus problems will only worsen in the days to come.

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