Sen. Sherrod Brown Has Evidence To Prove Trump Was Lying About Firing WH Pandemic Office

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) tweeted a letter to Trump from 600 days ago that shows that Trump knew about the firing of the White House Pandemic Office.

Trump claimed that he knew nothing about the firing of the White House Pandemic Office, “I could perhaps ask Tony about that. I don’t know anything about it. You say we did that.”

However, Sen. Brown tweeted his letter to Trump:

Trump knew about, and approved of, the disbanding of the White House Pandemic Office. Trump took no responsibility for the spread of the coronavirus in the US, even though, it was his bad decisionmaking and eliminating of key government positions that left the US unprepared and behind the curve when the coronavirus arrived.

Trump disbanded the White House Pandemic Office because it was created by Obama. Trump has viewed the main goal of his presidency as the undoing of the Obama administration.

In the process of trying to erase the legacy of Barack Obama, Donald Trump left America vulnerable to a pandemic.

Trump bears sole responsibility for such reckless and deadly decisionmaking.

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