Trump Has A Total Meltdown And Falsely Blames Obama For Coronavirus

Trump falsely blamed Obama and attacked his own CDC as he shows zero presidential leadership in the face of a coronavirus pandemic.

Trump lied about Obama making “changes:”

Trump lied about Obama making changes to the CDC. The Obama administration proposed rule changes that were never finalized, which means that they were never implemented.

Here is what Trump didn’t say about the swine flu epidemic. The swine flu was detected in the US in April 2009. By October 2009, vaccinations were being administered. The estimate for the coronavirus is that there will be no vaccine for a year and a half.

The bungled coronavirus response is all of Trump’s creation. The foundation was laid for this kind of disaster when Trump failed to fully staff his administration, and those he did appoint and mostly unqualified for the positions that they hold.

Trump is still searching for a political excuse to absolve himself of the blame for his mishandling of the coronavirus, but this pandemic isn’t Obama’s fault. The bungled US response belongs to Trump.

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