Trump Backs Out Of Deal On Coronavirus Aid As More Americans Get Sick And Die

Americans are sick and dying, but Trump backed out of a coronavirus aid agreement and gave Pelosi a new wave of demands.

Andy Slavitt tweeted:

They have a deal that provides people with more SNAP benefits, family and medical leave, and more Medicaid money for states, but Trump wants a payroll tax cut and a bailout for the oil industry.

The pullout of a deal at the last minute is a tactic that Trump has tried and failed with throughout his years as president. Trump thinks that he has “leverage,” so he tries to extract more from negotiations.

Pelosi could pass her bill without Donald Trump, but the legislation stands a better chance of making it through the Senate with Republican support.

Trump is the one who is watching his odds of reelection vanish due to the coronavirus. Pelosi doesn’t need Trump to sign off on anything to act. Trump needs this, and he is shooting himself in the foot by pretending like he is in charge and a good negotiator.

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