Trump Won’t Release His Medical Records, But His Doctor Claims He’s Negative For Coronavirus

Trump’s doctor said that Trump, who potentially been exposed to coronavirus multiple times, has tested negative for the virus.

Here is the letter released by Trump’s doctor:

If any other president had released a letter like this, their word would have been accepted at face value, but Donald Trump has destroyed his credibility by telling nearly 20,000 lies while in office, so everything that is released by the White House should be taken with a heavy dose of skepticism.

Trump has refused to release his medical records, made a strange and still unexplained and unplanned trip to Walter Reed, and had his previous physician lie about his physical health. Trump also wrote the letter that was released by his former doctor during the campaign himself.

Donald Trump has a long record of lying about his health, so there is no reason to accept his claim that he tested negative for coronavirus based on a note from his doctor.

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