Biden Adopts Sanders And Warren Proposals On Free College and Bankruptcy

Joe Biden is moving to unify the party by adopting the Sanders policy on free public college, and the Warren proposal on bankruptcy reform.

The Biden campaign said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

Joe Biden is running for president to rebuild the middle class so that this time everyone comes along — no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or zip code. To accomplish a task this immense, we need to unite the country and bring all of the best minds to the table. Biden is — and as President will continue to be — open to the best ideas to make this a reality, regardless of where they come from.

In that spirit, today, Biden is adopting two ideas championed by Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren that will help grow a stronger, more inclusive middle class. Senator Sanders, Senator Warren, and Vice President Biden share the goal of strengthening college as a reliable pathway to the middle class and ensuring that no American is unable to reach or to stay in the middle class because of insurmountable debt.

Biden is adopting the Sanders proposal to make all public colleges and universities tuition-free for families earning under $125,000. Vice President Biden is also adopting the Warren bankruptcy reform proposal.

The message that the Biden campaign is sending is that the former vice president is serious about building a broad coalition within the Democratic Party. Biden isn’t going to freeze Sanders and Warren out because they are running or did run for the nomination against him.

The goal of any grassroots movement is to have their ideas adopted into the mainstream on the path toward becoming law. Biden is showing that he is willing to accept any good idea no matter who it belongs to.

If the election comes down to Biden versus Trump, the choice for anyone on the left should be clear. Joe Biden is the path to advancing progress for the middle-class and all Americans.