Biden Just Destroyed Trump’s Biggest Coronavirus Lie

At the Democratic debate, Biden said that it was Trump turning down WHO coronavirus test kits not red tape that caused the delayed federal response.

Jake Tapper asked, “Did bureaucratic red tape hamper this response in any way?

Biden answered, “No, the World Health Organization offered testing kits that they have available to give to us now. We refused them. We did not want to buy them. We did not want to get them from them. We wanted to make sure we had our own. He said something like the best scientists in America or something to that effect.”


Trump has tried to blame Obama, red tape, rules that didn’t exist, and has made up every other excuse in the book to distract from the fact that the US is facing an economy crippling pandemic because Donald Trump made a series of bad decisions. Trump closed the White House Pandemic Office. Trump didn’t prepare the country for the coronavirus. Trump refused to use the WHO test kits.

Trump focused on political optics instead of the public health crisis, and he took a bad situation and made it exponentially worse.

Joe Biden is right. This crisis is all on Donald Trump.

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