Joe Biden Looked Like A President At The Democratic Debate

Joe Biden had his best debate of the year in his one on one showdown with Bernie Sanders that might have finished off the Democratic primary.

Biden shined when the topic was the coronavirus crisis:

Biden said, “You were asking about the crisis. What are we going to do about the crisis now, which is incredibly consequential to millions and millions of Americans. It’s not going to be solved by a change in tax policy now. It’s not going to be solved by how we deal with health care. It is going to be solved with an emergency need right now. What do we do? First thing we do is make sure that health care is available by us having the tools to be able to deal with it. That requires us to go out and do much more than this president has done in terms of planning.”

The difference between the two candidates was that Bernie Sanders had an ideology. Joe Biden had answers. One may disagree with Biden’s answers, but the difference between he and Sanders is that Biden has thought about how to govern, while Sanders wants to win a revolution.

In times of crisis, presidential candidates must pass an important test. They must be easy to picture as president. Joe Biden had his test tonight, and he passed it with flying colors, as Trump flails and fails in trying to deal with coronavirus crisis, Joe Biden looked like a candidate who was ready to step in and get the job done.

Biden gave his best debate performance in what could be the final Democratic primary debate.

Joe Biden looked like a president and a candidate who can beat Donald Trump.

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