Trump To Use Coronavirus Distraction To Pardon Michael Flynn


Trump is signaling that he is going to use the distraction of the coronavirus pandemic to pardon convicted Russia scandal felon, Michael Flynn.

Trump tweeted:


Trump should be solely focused on the coronavirus, but instead, he is using the distraction to the nation caused by the pandemic, which his poor response to has helped fuel, to make up a bogus excuse to pardon Mike Flynn.

Mike Flynn admitted to lying to the FBI in court. Flynn is guilty. There were no extenuating circumstances that would justify a pardon. Trump is engaged in an ongoing effort to delegitimize the Russia investigation and the criminal convictions that resulted as a part of his reelection campaign.

The nation won’t be fooled. At a time of literal national emergency, Donald Trump is trying to erase the Russian election interference to help him in 2016, because protecting himself is his top and only priority.