Rep. Jim Clyburn Erupts And Says Trump Incompetence Has The Economy Facing Collapse


Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) warned that Trump’s incompetent response to the coronavirus had pushed the economy to the brink of collapse.

Audio of Rep. Clyburn on AURN Washington Bureau Chief April Ryan’s White House Report:


Rep. Clyburn said, “I had no problems getting a seat on a plane simply because the airline travel is down, way down, and that’s not all that’s down. Restaurants are down. The economy could very well be teetering on a collapse.”

Majority Whip Clyburn continued, “This is the most incompetent group of people I’ve ever seen try to run anything. Coming to Congress in 1992, this is my first elected office, but I’ve been running things all my life. I ran a county agency. I ran regional agencies. I ran a state agency, and I served on the governor’s staff for four years, and I tell you, I have never have seen anything like this in my life. Just a bunch of ragtag people put together who’ve got no idea what it is to manage issues or to manage people. It’s just the most incredible thing in the world.”

Rep. Clyburn was correct. Calling this administration’s response to the pandemic inept does not go far enough. Trump and his administration didn’t care about the coronavirus, and then when they did try to respond, they were too incompetent to be effective.

The economy is going to be in a recession by Election Day. The impact of the coronavirus is going to be felt for months. None of this had to happen, and if the Trump administration would have competently prepared and responded, the US economy wouldn’t be on the brink of collapse.

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