Biden Crushes Sanders In Florida And Illinois As Voters Trust The Former VP To Manage A Crisis


Former Vice President Joe Biden is on track to crush Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Florida and Illinois Democratic primary contests, multiple media outlets are reporting.

According to NBC News, the former VP is projected to win Florida when all the votes are counted, a huge victory for Biden in his quest to effectively end this Democratic primary race and shift focus to the general election.

Fox News is projecting that the former vice president will also pick up a victory in Illinois.

Biden’s wins are a continuation of a surge in support his campaign has seen since his stunning comeback following the South Carolina primary last month.


In Florida, MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki pointed out that the former VP is performing strong even in places where Sanders did well when he faced off against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Biden’s wins are also an indication that primary voters believe he, not Sanders, is best suited to manage the type of global health crisis that has wreaked havoc in recent weeks.

Early exit polls from NBC News showed that Biden was widely seen by voters as best suited to handle such a crisis.

Biden is a steady leader that people know

Over the past few weeks, the American people have seen day in and day out what it’s like to have an unstable and incompetent leader at the helm during a time of crisis. It’s been nothing short of a disaster.

Whether it was Trump’s outright denial that the coronavirus outbreak was even a concern or the fact that he hit the brakes on aggressive testing, the president’s lack of experience and empathy have been on full display.

Contrast that to Biden’s thoughtful response to the pandemic, which started in an op-ed all the way back on Jan. 27 and continued with a detailed proposal to fight the virus and a solid debate performance, and it’s no surprise why voters are flocking to the former vice president.

Joe Biden is a steady leader that the American people know and largely trust. After a chaotic few weeks of Trump’s dangerous mismanagement of this pandemic, voters are more than ready to have an adult back in the White House.

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