Democrats Fight Back As Trump Attempts To Add Oil Industry Bailout To Coronavirus Relief Package

House Democrats are fighting back against Donald Trump’s attempt to use the coronavirus outbreak as an excuse to divert public funds to the oil and gas industry.

As PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley noted last week, citing a Washington Post report, the Trump administration was – and is – pursuing handouts for the oil and gas sector as the pandemic wreaks havoc on the global economy.

But a growing number of Democrats are pushing back against the move, instead urging the president to focus on stopping the spread of the virus and provide much-needed aid to the growing number of Americans in desperate need of it.

More via The Hill:

Twenty House Democrats sent a letter to President Trump on Tuesday cautioning against dolling out further funds to the fossil fuel industry after the White House announced late last week that the government would purchase oil to shore up the industry.

“Diverting public funds to bail out this industry will do nothing to stop the spread of this deadly virus or provide relief to those in need,” lawmakers wrote in a letter spearheaded by Rep. Nanette Diaz Barragán (D-Calif.).

“A bailout tells the American public that fossil fuel investors can rely on U.S. taxpayers to cover their bills when the industry’s corporate executives’ risky investments don’t pan out.”

The American people, not Trump’s oil buddies, need help right now

Over the course of the past two days – with the stock market collapsing and fears about a looming recession mounting – some in the media have praised Donald Trump for changing his tone about the outbreak.

But no change in tone will give America back the weeks – perhaps even months – that were lost because this president was too busy calling the outbreak a hoax and pushing to stop aggressive testing, all while making sure the oil industry knew the White House had its back.

Instead of rushing to help his buddies in the energy sector, Trump should be fast-tracking government assistance to the millions of Americans who are suffering as a result of his bungled response to this global pandemic.

As Joe Biden once said, “Don’t tell me what you value. Show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.”

Judging by Donald Trump’s actions, it’s clear who he values – and it isn’t the American people.

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