Fox News Is Now Freaking Out Over The Coronavirus

Donald Trump started taking coronavirus seriously, so Fox News suddenly flipped and is freaking out over the virus.

In typical Fox fashion, the network is calling on employers to monitor Millenials social media:

On The Five, they are showing charts from The New York Times, the same outlet that Trump calls “fake news,” and suggesting social media stalking Millenials, “As future employers of these people if you find out that any of these people you might hire went to spring break or went to the bar, and disregarded public health official, I wouldn’t hire them, and if they posted on social media, believe me, I’ll find it, and they will not get hired. That’s the kind of punishment.”

In less than two weeks, Fox News has gone from hosting Trump and allowing him to spew fake coronavirus death rates to total panic mode where Millenials shouldn’t be hired for jobs if they violate social distancing guidelines.

As the coronavirus is threatening to wipe out Trump’s presidency, Fox News is not only admitting that it is real, but is calling for social media spying on Millenials.

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