Lindsey Graham Is Trying To Get Trump To Veto Coronavirus Cash For Every American


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is trying to convince Donald Trump to veto any coronavirus stimulus bill that would provide cash payments to the American people.

Jake Sherman tweeted:


Lindsey Graham doesn’t want people to get cash payments as nearly 630,000 people in 15 states have filed new unemployment claims:

The cash payments that the Trump administration is talking about, which are $1,000 for each person and $500 for each child, are not going to be nearly to help people by the time the checks are issued. People need more than one $1,000 check with an option for a second if the emergency continues.

People need real help today.

Lindsey Graham’s suggestion would guarantee that the nation slips into a recession. The aid that the Trump administration is proposing is not enough, but doing absolutely nothing in terms of providing the American people much-needed cash is a great way to turn an epidemic into an economic catastrophe.

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