Trump Claiming He Knew Pandemic Was Coming Is Actually Worse — It’s ‘Malpractice’ If True, MSNBC Host Says

President Donald Trump recently shifted gears and said earlier this week that he always knew a coronavirus pandemic was on its way. But while that may be a CYA move by the president in a blatant attempt to make it seem like he’s not failing when it comes to responding to the CODIV-19 outbreak, others noted that it’s, at best, a sign of negligence.

“This is a pandemic. I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic,” Trump said on Tuesday.

That contradicted a number of statements he made in the past, however — including calling previous complaints about his slow response to the disease a “hoax,” and claiming the number of individuals infected with coronavirus would be “close to zero” within a “couple of days” in late February.

But according to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski, even if we suspend all logic and go with what Trump is saying here, it’s indicative of poor planning and management by the president.

“The president said he knew it was coming. It’s almost worse when you look at it that way,” Brzezinski said on Thursday morning. “That’s just malpractice. You know something like this is coming, and you do nothing. That’s what he’s telling the American people. He did nothing from the get-go.”

Her husband and “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough also complained about Trump’s recent claims, adding that, if he really knew this was coming, why was the president so ill-prepared to do something about it — and why is his administration still failing to test people for coronavirus?

“Why do we still not have tests? We keep getting promised a million tests here, a million tests there,” Scarborough said. “Yesterday, we heard reports from a health official that we don’t have a lot of the supplies that are needed to apply the tests.”

According to the New York Times coronavirus tracker, as of Thursday morning, more than 8,300 individuals have tested positive so far for the illness, though that number is expected to rise significantly once more testing is done. Nearly 150 patients have died as a result of contracting COVID-19 this year.