CNN’s John King Calls Trump’s Attack On Peter Alexander Bullsh*t On TV

CNN’s John King’s defended NBC News’s Peter Alexander after Trump attacked him during the coronavirus press briefing by calling Trump’s attack “bullsh*t.”

After Trump attacked NBC’s Pete Alexander for asking him what he would tell scared Americans, King said, “I sat in that briefing room for ten years. It was a perfectly valid question, and what the President did to Peter Alexander was reprehensible. The American people are looking for answers. They do want hope. They do want support, Mr. President. That was a very fair question.”

The CNN anchor continued, “This is a Trump trademark. It was striking that this came, forgive me, this bullshit attack, on fake news came just moments after the Secretary of State said that the American people needed to be careful about where they get their information and go to a source they can trust. I get that there at times disagreements; there are, at times, tension between politicians and reporters. That was a one hundred percent legitimate questions with no hype, no shape, no bias. He just wanted to attack.”

Video of King:

King was right. In political terms, it was a softball, and any normally mentally functioning human being would have responded by easing the fears of the American people with a message of reassurance.

Trump was mad about a previous question about him giving false hope to people, so he couldn’t control himself and lost it.

It is good to see the corporate media establishment finally challenge Trump, and not back down to his bullying.

John King was right. Trump’s attack was BS.

Trump is failing the coronavirus crisis has spiraled out of control, and he is taking it out on anyone around him.

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