Donald Trump

Trump Mocks Mitt Romney For Coronavirus Self-Quarantine

Trump is still bitter about Sen. Mitt Romney’s vote to convict him during the impeachment trial, so he mocked Romney for self-quarantining.

The exchange:

Q: On top of Senator Paul, now four senators are in isolation. The rules say in order to vote —

Trump: Who are they?

Reporter: Romney, Lee. Gardner, and Rick Scott. Rick Scott also. Two of them were in contact with Rand Paul. With the critical stimulus package.

Trump: Romney is in isolation? Gee, that’s too bad.

Video of Trump:

The country is in the midst of a pandemic that is killing Americans and wrecking the US economy, and Donald Trump is taking shots at Mitt Romney. The reason why the coronavirus is out of control in the United States is that Donald Trump is incapable of leading the nation.

Trump views everything from the perspective of his own grievances and ego. America needs a leader in a time of crisis, while Donald Trump is mocking a US Senator for leading by example and going into self-quarantine because he had contact with Sen. Rand Paul.

Donald Trump will never measure up to what a president should be.

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