Former Presidential Contender Amy Klobuchar’s Husband Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 11:58 am

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Democrat from Minnesota, announced on Monday that her husband, law professor John Bessler, has contracted coronavirus.

Bessler, 52, teaches law in Baltimore, Maryland. Klobuchar is not presently near her husband at this moment, but said in a statement she’s maintaining contact through digital means.

“While I cannot see him and he is of course cut off from all visitors, our daughter Abigail and I are constantly calling and texting and e-mailing,” the senator said in a statement. “We love him very much and pray for his recovery. He is exhausted and sick but a very strong and resilient person.”

Being unable to see him has been difficult, Klobuchar added, stating that it’s “one of the hardest things about this disease.”

Klobuchar said she herself doesn’t qualify yet to get tested for the disease “under any standard.” She also stated that she plans to continue working in Washington as Congress works to pass a bipartisan bill to address the economic hardships that COVID-19 has brought upon the nation.

As of 8:00 A.M. Eastern Time on Monday morning, 33,018 Americans have contracted coronavirus, according to the New York Times’ tracker of cases across the nation. In total, 428 patients have passed away due to the disease.

In Maryland, where Bessler currently resides, there have been 245 cases recorded. In Klobuchar’s home state of Minnesota, 170 cases have been reported thus far.

All totals are expected to rise substantially, as testing increases to demonstrate the true extent of the disease, as well as due to the disease continuing to spread itself further.

Klobuchar, who was once a candidate for president running to win the Democratic Party’s nomination, dropped out of the race in early March. Immediately after doing so, she announced her endorsement for former Vice President Joe Biden.

Chris Walker

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