Jared Kushner Is Telling Trump That The Coronavirus Isn’t That Bad

Trump is thinking about reopening the economy because Jared Kushner is telling him that the coronavirus isn’t that bad.

Gabriel Sherman wrote at Vanity Fair:

“Jared is bringing conspiracy theories to Trump about potential treatments,” a Republican briefed on the conversations told me. Another former West Wing official told me: “Trump is like an 11-year-old boy waiting for the fairy godmother to bring him a magic pill.” (The White House did not respond to a request for comment.)

Throughout the crisis, Kushner has counseled Trump that the crisis isn’t as bad as the media is portraying. Two sources said Vice President Mike Pence has complained to Trump about Kushner’s meddling in the work of the coronavirus task force. (Another former West Wing official disputed this, saying Pence wouldn’t openly challenge the Trump family. “Pence is politically smart,” the former official said.)

Jared Kushner is filling his father in law’s head with conspiracy theories, and hopes of a magic cure for the coronavirus. Trump thinks that he can save his presidency by reopening the US economy, but he doesn’t have the authority to supersede local and state measures, and he will be promoting the spread of the virus and destroying the economy by urging people to resume life as normal.

Expert modeling suggests that if the US lifts restrictions the infection rate of the virus could reach 70%-80+%.

Kushner is going to make the coronavirus worse.

When Trump proclaims the coronavirus defeated in a few days, even when it isn’t, the blame will go to Jared Kushner for totally collapsing the US economy and making a pandemic even more deadly.

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