A Person In Kentucky Got Coronavirus From A “Coronavirus Party”

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (D-KY) announced that someone in his state got coronavirus by attending a coronavirus party.


The state has 163 coronavirus cases – 39 new from Monday — and one of the new cases is in someone who attended a coronavirus party, Gov. Andy Beshear announced Tuesday while taking the time to use it as a warning and admonishment to the state.

“Don’t be so callous as to expose yourself to something that can kill other people,” Beshear said. “We simply can’t have folks doing something like this. This is something no one should be doing….this is one that makes me mad.”

Intentionally engaging in reckless behavior that could kill yourself and other people because one wants to mock an epidemic is stupid. It is also an example of the kind of behavior that is occurring all over the country and being fed into by Donald Trump and his rhetoric that downplays the virus.
There are still far too many Americans who are not taking the public health crisis seriously. Beshear was correct. This is the sort of behavior that spreads the virus and gets people killed.

Kentucky is a state is represented in the Senate by coronavirus spreader, Rand Paul, so the corona deniers do have a role model from their state in the federal government.

Until people wake up and take this seriously, the crisis will get much worse before it gets better.

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