Republicans Rebel Against Trump’s Plan To Open The Economy By Easter

Trump says that he wants to reopen the economy by Easter, but Republican Senators are already warning him not to do it.

Trump said he wants the economy open in two and a half weeks:

According to CNN’s Manu Raju, GOP Sens. Joni Ernst and Deb Fischer are warning against it:

A potentially unprecedented situation is unfolding where the president tries to defy the advice of the nation’s top medical experts, only to see governors and the rest of the country ignore him and do what is best for public health.

Trump is back to downplaying the fact that thousands if not millions of Americans could die from the coronavirus, and he is back to pretending like the virus isn’t that bad. Trump has been leading from behind on the coronavirus epidemic from day one, and he is attempting to prevent a recession after it has already started.

Republicans all need to rebel and prevent Trump from turning a recession into a deadly depression.

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