Trump Is Lost In Fantasyland And Waiting For A Miracle Coronavirus Cure

Trump is listening to the business community, not scientists, as he is sitting around and hoping for a miracle cure for the coronavirus.

According to The Washington Post:
The high-stakes theater playing out between Trump and one of his top public health officials underscored a tense dynamic in the White House: A squadron of scientists and health experts — including Birx and infectious disease expert Anthony S. Fauci — caught in an uneasy tug-of-war with Trump as they push a worldview grounded in data and evidence in a West Wing where the president has mused of a “miracle” cure.


One person familiar with task force discussions said Trump has continued to push unproven or experimental drugs as cure-alls — despite little data so far to support their efficacy and against the advice of his own scientific advisers — because he “wants this magical moment when this is all over.”

Trump is living in a fantasy where he is going to oversee a miracle cure for the coronavirus, get all of the credit, and be hailed as a hero.

In the meantime, the President is going to try to restart the economy with the knowledge that lots of people are going to die because he needs a good economy for his reelection campaign.

Trump isn’t listening to scientists and health experts. A man who has failed in business for his entire adult life is about to make his worse decision yet. One that will potentially kill Americans and wreck the US economy for years to come.

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