Trump Uses Coronavirus Briefing To Brag About The Stock Market

Trump bragged about the Dow gaining 2,100 points, as the coronavirus spreads, and the American death toll continues to grow.

Trump said:

Today, as you probably saw, the Dow surged over 2001 points, the all-time record history of the exchange. This is very encouraging, and I think part of the reason is they are looking at what is close to being passed. And I think a very big part of it is they see we want to get our country open as soon as possible.

They see we’re working very hard on that. That’s a very big factor in today’s historic gain. The legislation developed in the Senate is the first step to restoring confidence and stability to America’s economy, as we look ahead to the time when we can carefully and responsibly reopen our country for business. And we hope that’s going to be very soon. And I want to reassure Americans that we have a team of public health experts. We’ve gotten to know them as well as I know them.


The clip above perfectly encapsulates the Trump problem in a nutshell. The man is incapable of caring about other human beings. He doesn’t pretend to care. He is tooting his own horn over a one day Dow gain, as coronavirus test kits are still in short supply, and people are getting sicker and dying at an increasingly rapid rate.

No cares about the Dow when the nation is about to become the global epicenter of the coronavirus.

People are dying, economists are warning of a depression in the US, and Trump is celebrating a one day gain in the Dow.