Joe Biden Launches ‘Emergency Action Plan’ to Save the U.S. Economy


Former Vice President Joe Biden has unveiled his ‘emergency action plan to save the economy.’ The plan contains a series of economic and health measures.

The Democratic presidential candidate also took aim at President Donald’s response to the Covid-19 global pandemic.

“Joe Biden knows that no economic strategy will work if we don’t stop the virus,” the Biden campaign said.


“In recent days, there’s been talk that we have to choose between public health and our economy. That’s not just a false choice. It’s a dangerous one.”

“It would be catastrophic to reopen everything without a plan, and then have a spike in cases and shut it all back down. That would just mean more loss of life and economic pain. ”

This directly contradicts President Trump’s suggestions that the economy should ‘reopen’ by Easter, defying the advice of medical experts.

Biden also posted a video on YouTube discussing his economic plan.

“We’ve got to help families weather the storm,” Biden’s video says.

Watch the video:

“Time is of the essence,” Biden said. “I would call in the major banks and tell them to get those small business loans out the door.”

Biden said he would appoint a task force that would answer directly to him. He also promised he would use authority like the Defense Production Act if necessary. President Trump has refused to invoke the act so far.

The Biden campaign welcomed the $2 trillion rescue package agreed by the Senate on Wednesday but emphasized that more would have to be done as the crisis continued.

“The bottom line is that Congress will have to keep acting,” the campaign said.

“This is not the last bill.  There will be more. And Joe Biden would do whatever it takes, spend whatever it takes, move heaven and earth to help all the people harmed by this crisis.”

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