Trump Crumbles When Asked What He’s Doing To Prevent Hate Crimes Against Asian-Americans


Trump was asked what he is doing to prevent hate crimes against Asian-Americans. He answered I don’t know then proclaimed himself close to Asians.

The exchange:

Q: Domestically, you just tweeted the other day saying that it’s very important that we totally protect Asian Americans.


Trump: Yes, I did. Very important to me. Very important to me. We have to protect our Asian Americans. It’s a very important — that was a very important tweet to me, because I didn’t like things that I was hearing. Please, go ahead.

Q: What’s the concrete measure that you’re taking to combat the hate crimes against Asians?

Trump: Well, I don’t know. All I know is this. Asian Americans in our country are doing fantastically well. I’m very close to them, use know. And they’re doing fantastically well. And I think they appreciate the job we’re doing. But I did want to put that statement out, the social media question, because to me, Asian Americans are a great part of our country. Thank you all very much. We’ll see you soon.


Trump whips up hate against Asian-Americans by referring to the coronavirus as the Chinese virus, and then when he is asked what he is going to do about the fact that endangered Asian-Americans, he responds by blowing off the question and retreated into his usual racist grandpa rhetoric about how he is close to the minority in question.

America needs a leader, but Trump is MIA.

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