Trump Wants To Fight Coronavirus By Sending Troops To The Canadian Border

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed a report that Donald Trump is trying to send US troops to the Canadian border.

Global News reported:

American government officials inside Donald Trump’s White House are actively discussing putting troops near the Canadian borders in light of U.S. border security concerns around the coronavirus pandemic, sources tell Global News.

Few people cross from Canada into the United States at an unofficial point each year but the goal of the policy would be to help border guards detect irregular crossers, the sources said.

Trudeau confirmed that Trump is trying to militarize the border with Canada:

Trump is responded to the coronavirus, not by dealing with the public health crisis, but by using the epidemic to carry out his immigration goals. Trump’s dream has always been to seal the borders to make sure that no immigrants can get into the country.

It doesn’t matter that illegal crossings from Canada are a virtually non-existent problem. Militarizing the Canadian border is the most pointless response imaginable to the virus, which is why Trump is pushing for it to happen.

Illegal immigration from Canada isn’t the issue. The problem is the inept president who ignored all warnings in the Oval Office.

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