Trump Tells America Not To Blame Him For Record Setting Unemployment

Trump claimed that he is not to blame for the record-setting unemployed that is happening because he bungled the coronavirus response.

Trump said, “It’s nobody’s fault. Certainly not in this country. Nobody’s fault. We got very lucky when we made a decision not to allow people in from China at an early date. I say that because some people don’t want to accept it. But this was a great decision made by our country. The numbers that you’re talking about, we’re a big country. It would be far greater, far bigger. So when I heard the number, I heard it could be 6 million, could be 7 million. It’s 3.3 or 3.2. But it’s a lot of jobs.”


Trump ignored the warnings about a potential pandemic for years. It was Trump’s administration that closed the White House Pandemic Office. If Trump would have responded in a timely manner instead of calling the virus a hoax, the economic damage would not be as severe.

Donald Trump’s inept, incompetent, and uncaring governance is why the nation is dealing with an economic and public health crisis that is worsening by the moment.

Trump is trying to avoid accountability, but there is no one to blame for the bungled federal response besides Donald J. Trump.

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