Biden Defends Michigan Gov. Whitmer And Tells Trump He ‘Could Learn A Thing Or Two’ From Her


Former Vice President Joe Biden said that Donald Trump should be taking notes on leadership from Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, not lobbing petty, partisan attacks at her in the middle of a crisis.

In a statement, Biden said, “Donald Trump could learn a thing or two from Governor Whitmer – speed matters, details matter, and people matter.”

Biden added, “She’s secured more than 10 million N95 masks, more than 4 million gloves, thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer, and critical equipment for health care providers.”


While the former VP said that Gov. Whitmer has been working tirelessly to fight the coronavirus outbreak in her state, he said that there’s only so much that can be done by governors.

“[S]tates like Michigan need more help from this administration,” Biden said. “They can’t go it alone, and they need help now.”

Trump is abandoning Michigan in the middle of a health emergency

As governors in both parties step up to the plate to manage this pandemic, Donald Trump is putting petty politics before public health by essentially punishing states and governors who don’t bow down to him like he’s a king.

Trump basically admitted as much during Friday’s coronavirus briefing, saying, “I want [governors] to be appreciative” of him in return for federal assistance.

He even suggested that Vice President Mike Pence, the man running the White House coronavirus task force, shouldn’t even be communicating with governors who “don’t treat you right.”

It is nothing short of disgusting to be slinging mud at states and governors in the middle of a global pandemic. But it’s even worse that Trump appears to be withholding life-saving medical equipment from places who need it most, all because of his fragile ego.

This behavior will almost certainly lead to more coronavirus infections and deaths across this country in the weeks and months ahead.

When Michigan voters go to the polls in November to cast their vote in the presidential election, they shouldn’t forget how Donald Trump abandoned them in this time of crisis.

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