Trump Approval Ratings Plummet 13 Points On Coronavirus

A daily tracking poll on the coronavirus has found that approval of Trump’s handling of the epidemic has plunged a net 13 points in less than a week.

Via Navigator Research:

– More Americans now disapprove than approve of President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic for the first time in our daily tracking polls. •

– His net approval on coronavirus has fallen 13 points over the course of the week (from +10 to -3).

– This is a substantial decline from an apparent peak in his approval at the start of the week, and it is increasingly converging with the president’s overall approval rating (46% approve/52% disapprove.?

Here is the chart:

The coronavirus epidemic is moving so quickly that traditional polling can’t keep up with it. The polls that were released earlier in the week showing approval of how Trump is handling the crisis and a small bump in his approval ratings were not accurate real-time reflections of what was happening in the country.

Joe Biden leads Trump by nine points in the latest Fox News poll. Trump’s approval rating was going to register as higher until the pandemic spread and people began to lose their jobs.

The drop in Trump’s approval rating reflects how the national situation is deteriorating, but also collective unease with how he is trying to rush the country back to work before the epidemic has peaked.

Trump’s poll numbers should continue to plunge for as long as the crisis worsens. The poll numbers have flipped and they are not going to get any better anytime soon for Donald Trump.