Trump Wants Doctors To Reuse Their Contaminated Coronavirus Masks


Trump wants to know why doctors need more masks to treat coronavirus patients and thinks that doctors should reuse the masks that they have.

Trump said, “We are also looking at an approval for the sterilization of masks. I kept saying to myself I see some of the masks are very complex. We are delivering millions, by the way. Millions. I kept saying why aren’t they able to use that mask a second, third, fourth time? And Mike DeWine, the great governor of Ohio, called me. They have a company that is in the final process of getting approval for the sterilization of masks, and in some cases, depending on the mask some of these masks are very, very very powerful. Very strong material. They are able to sterilize the mask up to 20 times. So I guess that’s like getting 20 masks. And so we worked object that as soon as I heard from Mike today.”



Trump wants doctors and first responders to walk around reusing the same equipment that may have been infected by a coronavirus patient so that more people can get the coronavirus. It is not a difficult concept. The equipment is disposable to prevent the spread of disease.

It would be better for doctors to have fresh masks to wear instead of sterilizing disposable equipment, which is what doctors and first responders all around the country are already doing.

The man who is supposed to be leading the country during an epidemic doesn’t understand why doctors can’t use contaminated masks.

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