Trump Supporters Want Congress To Subpoena Dr. Fauci’s Phone to See If He’s Been Talking to Hillary Clinton

Trump supporter Bill Mitchell wants Congress to issue a subpoena for Dr. Anthony Fauci’s phone and accused him of contact with Hillary Clinton.

“Congress should subpoena Dr. Doom Fauci’s phone records and see how many times he has called Hillary in the past 60 days,” Mitchell said on Twitter.

Mitchell has downplayed the severity of the Coronavirus since the global pandemic began. He has been on the fringes of the right since at least 2016 and has frequently attacked Dr. Fauci.

Mitchell is one of a number of conservative supporters of President Donald Trump who have painted Covid-19 as overblown or even a hoax.

He’s taken aim at Fauci as the doctor became a recognizable face in the pandemic response.

Mitchell is spreading baseless conspiracies about Fauci and the so-called ‘Deep State’, with predictable references to the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate.

“There was a time when Dr. Doom Fauci’s prediction of mass death would have opened the markets down 1000. Has Chicken Little lost his mojo?” Mitchell asked.

Mitchell’s comments may have been prompted by Dr. Fauci’s appearance on CNN on Monday. He explained how the pandemic response team had convinced Trump to extend social distancing measures beyond Easter.

“We argued strongly with the President that he not withdraw those guidelines after 15 days, but that he extend them,” Fauci said. “And he did listen.”

President Trump has reportedly grown tired of Dr. Fauci since the pandemic began. The President was unhappy with Fauci for correcting him and apparently criticizing him in media interviews.

However, Fauci has remained at the forefront of the Coronavirus response. He’s quickly become someone many Americans have come to trust during this crisis.

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