Biden Hammers Trump For Letting First Responders Die Of Coronavirus

Former Vice President Joe Biden said that Trump could have fully invoked the Defense Production Act weeks ago, and because he hasn’t first responders are dying.

Biden said on CNN, “He still hasn’t fully invoked the Defense Production Act, which I called for a while ago. He finally did with General Motors after a little roundabout in terms of building ventilators. What about the masks? What about those gowns that nurses and doctors need? They’re made of paper. What about the goggles they need. The face shields they need. He could do that by the Defense Production Act right now. He could have done it yesterday. A week ago. Three weeks ago. Five weeks ago. They’re in short supply. And our first responders are literally risking & some losing their lives to try to help the American people.”


Trump isn’t doing all that he can do, and our first responders are getting sick and dying. There is no reason for their illnesses and deaths. Proper planning and federal administration could have prevented it.

Donald Trump thinks that there is lots of equipment and that the states are lying about their needs. Joe Biden and every other American who isn’t drinking the Trump Kool-Aid needs to be demanding and holding Trump accountable for this senseless loss of American lives.

As Trump denies reality, Joe Biden is ready to provide the leadership that this nation needs.

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